Just Recovery Renewable Energy Plan for Africa launched

Friends of the Earth Africa launched ‘A Just Recovery Renewable Energy Plan for Africa’ report, which demands a complete shift from current ‘dirty’ energy systems to achieve 100% renewable energy in Africa.


universal access Botswanaa

Universal access in Botswana is possible says IRENA report

An IRENA assessment finds that short-to-medium term actions in the areas of policy, regulation, risk and investment can create a more conducive environment for renewables development in Botswana.

Is there space for hydrogen in the just energy transition?

A just energy transition within the Global South context doesn’t just mean changing the energy source from brown to green, but often means creating energy access in the first place.
bid window 5

Bid Window 5 list of proposed projects published

The list of bids received for Bid Window 5 skews slightly towards solar, but nevertheless displays a healthy amount of renewable energy companies ready to hit the ground running.

Water shocks starting to have greater effect on human migration

The world faces a rising number of day-zero events when the taps will run dry and rainfall variability will be contributing force in global migration, according to a World Bank report.
climate change pollution

Link between just energy transition and energy poverty

Reducing energy poverty and increasing access to energy is a core component of a just transition to a low-carbon, climate-resilient economy and society. Yet it is often overlooked states a TIPS policy report.
Nuclear energy

Study confirms nuclear capacity essential to energy security

New nuclear build enhances system-level energy security, increases the resilience of the electricity grid and helps to reduce dependency on energy imports states a report by the New Nuclear Watch Institute.