Transmission and Distribution

15MW to be added to Ekiti Power Supply in Nigeria

Niger Delta Power Holding Company's executive director for networks, Ife Oluwa Oyedele,said the commencement of the substation facility project followed a tripartite ad-hoc committee.


Gov accepts report clearing allegations levelled against Eskom CEO

Sit-down with Eskom’s de Ruyter in October

During the keynote session in October this year, the Eskom GCE will give more insight into the power utility's COP26 journey and the anticipated outcomes.
generation mix

Transparency and accountability can reignite energy markets

Two experts from Bowmans write on how Kenya and South Africa are showing signs of emerging from the sector-wide issues that have been bogging down their economies.

Modelling Africa’s Continental Power Systems Master Plan

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) will partner the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) as modelling partner for the development of the African Continental Power Systems Master Plan (CMP).

Tanzania: Biggest hydro electric plant construction ongoing

Installation of 27 transformers to increase transmission voltage of electricity produced at the Julius Nyerere Hydro Electric Power Project in Tanzania has started.
Power wheeling

Toshiba to increase production of polymer housed surge arresters

Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions announced production capacity of polymer housed surge arresters will be nearly tripled by April 2022. This is in line with renewable energy growth and the need for lightning protection.

Buhari axes minister of power in reshuffle

The minister of power for Nigeria has been removed from his position by President Buhari in a cabinet reshuffle which saw Abubakar Aliyu taking up the position.